Flats Fishing Tours

Half Day (4 hours)
- Drinks
- Snacks and Fruit

Flats fishermen can tell you the trick to catching record Bonefish and Permit is not luck. Truth be told, stealth and precision casting with out spooking the fish is vital to your day on the flats. You will fish the most productive flats on the north Side of Roatan. Permit, Bonefish, Jacks and Barracuda are found on our many exotic flats. We also supply you with your choice of Light casting, Ultra light casting or for the more experienced flats angler, the Fly Rod. Both Fly and live bait are used, from a fully equipped 16' flats boat, with casting platform, and poling stand.


Full Day (8 hours)
- Drinks,
- Snacks,
- Fruit
- Full lunch

Average size for a bone fish in Roatan, is between 4-10 lbs. Permit average between 5lbs and 20 lbs. The large fish in the flats repeatedly call us back.


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Sandy Bay, Roatan Bay Islands of Honduras. Capt. Loren Monterroso


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